Power3S Technology


Power3S is the latest innovation exclusive to Blitzwolf and is found in all our chargers offering you the ultimate in safety and performance.

What is Power3S?

Ever wonder why your Smartphone charges faster from some charging ports and slower from others? Often, it's not just the power that your charger can offer. Instead, it comes down to compatibility. Some ports simply don't speak the right language to open up your device to full speed charging. Try plugging an iPhone into an Android adapter, or vice versa, and your charge time won’t be the same as they are not fast charger combatable. We have designed our own tech to overcome this and create a truly universal power supply.


Power3S is based on these core principals.

  • Smart Charging

     Blitzwolf’s Power3S technology intelligently identifies your device and speaks the language it needs for full speed charging. With Blitzwolf and Power3S you'll always enjoy true universal compatibility and full speed charging across all your devices.

  • Speedy Fast Charging

     Power3S tec is built for speed and is ready for all your high power devices and safely offers up to 2.4A per port of charging juice.

  • Safe Multichannel Protection

     Power3S monitors and controls each USB port separately ensuring each device is monitored and receiving the correct current for charging.