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Power3S Smart Chargers

We are dedicated to keeping your devices powered and ready to go when you need them; from your car to your phone BlitzWolf has you covered. We developed Power3S to provide all your charging needs wherever you may be. Simplify your charging the smart way with BlitzWolf.

Ultimate Monopods

Disappointed with selfie sticks that were broken bendy or unstable when you needed them most? We shared your pain and wanted something that would survive more than a few trips so we developed our ultimate selfie stick frame to be tougher, easier and more functional then regular monopods. With our 5 buttons of control, our in house developed APP and your creativity you can unleash the ultimate in selfie capability.

MFI Certified Charging Cables

Feed your device with our strong flexible and rugged charging cables, they are a step up from the original cable both in terms of strength and the power they can handle. We have proven our safety and durability to Apple.Inc and all our cables have been certified to apples strict MFI standard.

Portable Jump Starters

Our K3 Jump Starter will save you when your vehicle's battery is flat. Suitable for 4.0L gas or 2.5L diesel engines, it’s a safe, quick way to get you moving again.Its smart design gives true portability; it’s small enough for your glove box and light enough to pack in your bag, so it can always be there just when you need it. And it’s not just a jump starter: two USB ports make it suitable as an everyday or emergency power supply for your mobile devices, whilst the useful LED flashlight provides an additional safety feature.

Bluetooth Wireless Speaker

The BlitzWolf F1 is a wireless stereo Bluetooth V4.0 speaker. It comes with a powerful 1800mAh battery on which you can enjoy many hours of music. The speaker has a slim body shape and is great for experiencing rich sound quality both indoors and outdoors.

Quick Charge Power Bank

The BlitzWolf Quick Charge is a new generation Power Bank. Its power charging technology dramatically shortens charging times as it adopts the Qualcomm Quick Charge standard. This enables the power adapter to provide the following range of voltages: 3.6-12V, and to charge at speeds of up to 75% faster than conventional charging technology. At the same time, the conversion efficiency is optimized to reduce the heat generated during the charging. Our power bank's fully support Qualcomm Quick Charge Technology. It can rapidly charge your devices when they are experiencing low battery power.

USB Type-C

Enjoy blazing charging speeds and lightning data transfers with our amazing series of USB Type-C gear. This revolutionary yet simple technology is reversible allowing you to plug it in both ways and is set to become the universal connection of the future.

LED Lights

From beautiful desk lamps to rugged outdoor lamps with built in powerbanks. Our LT range of lighting provides brilliant vision when you're at home, on the road and during an emergency. Our high CRI desk lamps provide not only great full spectrum light but also healthy flicker free UV filtered LED light.

VR Glasses

Immerse yourself in the world of virtual reality with our VR glasses. Our simple yet fully customizable glasses partner with your phone to deliver giant screen 3D movies, virtual 3D games, 360°panoramic videos and 360°images. Go anywhere see anything, virtually, with BlitzWolf VR.

BlitzWolf Projector

Enjoy the thrills of the cinema in your own home and get closer to the action with our portable BlitzWolf projector. Our BW wireless link system pairs wirelessly with your device for a cord free connection. Whether you are watching the latest high octane action thriller or a classical 60's romance you will feel right in the scene with crisp bright video from our precision made optics and efficient LED bulb.

BlitzWolf Guardian

The Guardian takes two daily essential items and blends them into one. We created a wallet and a phone case that can  magnetically combine together to create one super wallet. Your iPhone or Samsung will stay protected while still ensuring all ports and buttons are easy to access. Your cash and cards can be secured behind a zippered pocket. Both can be connected instantly with out unique magnetic connection. All this function is enclosed in a soft leather style wallet. Keep everything in one place and secure you device with the BlitzWolf Guardian super wallet.

BlitzWolf Vacuum Cleaner

Your house deserves a real robotic vacuum cleaner. BlitzWolf vacuum cleaner could do that for you. Exquisite design and multi-functional allocation, will be your fantastic mate in house cleaning. Geared with UV light, new rolling brushes, 3350mAh Li-ion battery, all these configurations make you a cleaner home.

BlitzWolf Solid State Drive

Discover ultra fast data reading of up to 6Gbps with the SATA - III ready BW-D1 SSD. Startup, loading applications and even opening up large games will become super fast with the D1. Incorporating the latest in data retention and wear leveling the drive is designed to keep your data safe and accessible.