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Power3S Smart Chargers

We are dedicated to keeping your devices powered and ready to go when you need them; from your car to your phone BlitzWolf has you covered. We developed Power3S to provide all your charging needs wherever you may be. Simplify your charging the smart way with BlitzWolf.

MFI Certified Charging Cables

Feed your device with our strong flexible and rugged charging cables, they are a step up from the original cable both in terms of strength and the power they can handle. We have proven our safety and durability to Apple.Inc and all our cables have been certified to apples strict MFI standard.

Quick Charge Power Bank

The BlitzWolf Quick Charge is a new generation Power Bank. Its power charging technology dramatically shortens charging times as it adopts the Qualcomm Quick Charge standard. This enables the power adapter to provide the following range of voltages: 3.6-12V, and to charge at speeds of up to 75% faster than conventional charging technology. At the same time, the conversion efficiency is optimized to reduce the heat generated during the charging. Our power bank's fully support Qualcomm Quick Charge Technology. It can rapidly charge your devices when they are experiencing low battery power.

Wireless Chargers

Eliminate the need of cables with our wireless chargers. With security features to detect foreign objects and a variety of different specs and designs to meet your wireless charging needs.

USB Type-C

Enjoy blazing charging speeds and lightning data transfers with our amazing series of USB Type-C gear. This revolutionary yet simple technology is reversible allowing you to plug it in both ways and is set to become the universal connection of the future.

Smart Sockets

Sometimes things are just more convenient to simply use your Smart Speaker or Mobile Device. Well now you can with our smart sockets. No need to worry if you forget to switch off an appliance around the house, our smart socket allows you to switch it off even when your away.

Ultimate Monopods

Disappointed with selfie sticks that were broken bendy or unstable when you needed them most? We shared your pain and wanted something that would survive more than a few trips so we developed our ultimate selfie stick frame to be tougher, easier and more functional then regular monopods. With our 5 buttons of control, our in house developed APP and your creativity you can unleash the ultimate in selfie capability.

Movie Enhancing Soundbars

Need to upgrade your movie experience? Then our soundbars can help with that. Experience each scene with enhanced audio projected all around your room. If you need it wired or wireless, simply set up and play without and fuss.

Bluetooth Speakers

We are always upping the game with our audio. Our speakers have always been the centre of party. We aim to create when it come to easy, portable and convenience, while also having the best possible sound. With deep bass and precise and clear sound we are proud of our speakers.

Bluetooth Earphones

We have continued to develop on our earphone technology by now providing you with our wireless earphones. Experience great sounding and comfortably fitting earphones without the need to carry around a cable to your device.

LED Lights

From beautiful desk lamps to rugged outdoor lamps with built in powerbanks. Our LT range of lighting provides brilliant vision when you're at home, on the road and during an emergency. Our high CRI desk lamps provide not only great full spectrum light but also healthy flicker free UV filtered LED light.