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PIR user manual.pdf

BlitzWolfBW-IS6 433MHz PIR Motion Sensor with ArmDisarm, Real-time Alarm Push, APP Control, 120°Sensor Angle and 8m Sensor Distance
BlitzWolfBW-IS6 433MHz DoorWindow Contact Sensor with ArmDisarm, Real-time Alarm Push, APP Control and Mini Size

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Host user manual.pdf

BlitzWolfBW-IS6 Smart Security Host with ArmDisarm, Real-time Alarm Push, APP Control, Two-way Intercom, Touch Screen, Voice Control
BlitzWolfBW-IS6 Wi-Fi+2G GSM Smart Security Alarm System Kit Host1, Door Sensor2, PIR Sensor1, Remote2, RFID Card2, with ArmDisarm, Alarm Push, Voice Control

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BW-SH1 user manual.pdf

BlitzWolfBW-SH1 Humidifier Diffuser 2.5L 100V-240V AC with 2.5L Translucent Water Tank, 360°High Efficiency Humidification, 7 Colorful Lights, Adjustable Mist Modes

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BW-BR0 user manual.pdf

BlitzWolf BW-BR0 Wireless V5.0 USB Audio Receiver with Stereo Sound, Photos Taking, Three Side Calling and Long Working Time

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BW-FUN3 user manual.pdf

BlitzWolfBW-FUN3 400mL Wi-Fi Smart Aroma Diffuser with Ultrasonic Atomization, APP Control, Anti-acid PP Material, Colorful Light, Countdown and Voice Control

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BW-LT28 user manual.pdf

BlitzWolf BW-LT28 10W Floor Flexible Standing Lamp with 30006000K Color Temperature, 5 Brightness Levels, 600 Lumens and Remote Control
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