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BW-ANC5 user manual.pdf

BlitzWolf BW-ANC5 Headphones bluetooth V5.0 with Hybrid Active Noise Reduction, Powerful Bass, Ambient Mode, Long Service Time, Ergonomic Comfort, Ear Detection

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BW-BTS6 user manual.pdf

BlitzWolf BW-BTS6 Headphones with True Bone Conduction, Vibrator, QCC3003 bluetooth V5.0, IPX7 Waterproof, Snug, Stable, Light Weight, Long Service Time
BlitzWolf BW-WS03 Multi-function Wi-Fi Weather Station with Real-Time Weather Info, APP Remote Control, Weather Forecast, Solar Charging, IPX4 Waterproof, Brightness Adjustable, Dual Alarm Clock and 5V 1A Output Charging

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BW-DH1 user manual.pdf

BlitzWolf BW-DH1 Trolley Speaker 3600mAh with 50W Dual Speakers, RGB LED Light, AUXbluetoothU DiskTFFM Playback, Wireless MIC, TWS Function, Digital Display Screen

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BW-CML2 user manual.pdf

BlitzWolfBW-CML2 Monitor Light Bar with RGB Backlight Light, 2700K-6500K Color Temperature, Adjustable Brightness, Asymmetric Optical, Space-saving Installation
BlitzWolf BW-IS21 Smart PIR Greeting Doorbell with Multiple Greeting Chimes, Sensitive PIR Motion Sensor, 99 Accessories Supported, Smart APP Control, Build-in 300mAh Battery and Adjustable Angle

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BW-CF1 user manual.pdf

BlitzWolf BW-CF1 Car Memory Lock Bracket with 360°Ball Joint, Stable Clamping, Auto Memory, Quiet Driving, Placed VerticallyHorizontally, 66~90mm Clamping Size
BlitzWolf BW-PLT1 Smart Star Projector with Star + Colorful LED Nebula, Smart APP Control, More Scenes Setting, Timing Countdown, Voice Control with Alexa and Multiple Placement Angles
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