BlitzWolf® BW-ES1 Graphene In-ear Wired Control Earphone

BW-ES1 Earphone

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Built-in clear microphone, you can enjoy talking to friends.
Wired control design, adjust volume freely, also can play/pause the music.
Selected good quality cable material. It is not easy wind when using.
Using Graphene sound unit, give you a HiFi sound.
Include a velcro cable organizer, covenient to keep, protect earphone well.

What is the Graphene earphones? 

Earphones using graphene offer superb frequency response. The reason for this down to the graphene diaphragm's simplicity: Most diaphragms/cones must be dampened to prevent undesirable frequency responses, graphene requires no dampening. This is because graphene is so strong that the disphragm can be incredibly thin- and thus very light.Instead of being artificially dampened, the graphene diaphragm is dampened by the air itself. Graphene is also very energy efficient which lead to reduced power consumption.