BlitzWolf® BW-ES2 Dual Dynamic Driver In-ear Earphone Headphone With Mic

BlitzWolf® BW-ES2

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What does Dual Dynamic Driver mean?
Not all earphones with two speakers are called as Dual Dynamic Driver earphone.
The Dual Dynamic Driver earphone is not merely embedded with two dynamic drivers in a single earphone; it even uses frequency division technology to output bright treble and deep bass respectively. It has ultra high voice resolution, which can better present the sweet or hoarse voice and other details. In low frequency, the dual dynamic drivers are better than the balanced armature driver in the sense of quantity, which is easier to present the dynamic sense of music. Therefore, the Dual Dynamic Driver earphone not only adds a speaker on the ordinary earphone, accordingly it produces a shock effect comparable to that of the balanced armature driver earphone in the sound quality.