Frequently Asked Questions

What warranty and support can I receive?

BlitzWolf has a standard 18 Month warranty on most items. Please navigate to our dedicated warranty page for full information.

Is my device compatible with Power3S?

Power3S is designed to operate safely with both old and new devices, if you device is not fast charger compatible our unique USB ports will adjust the output and act as a standard charger.  Learn more about Power3S.

Where can I get more product information?

Just bought one of our great products or perhaps you are thinking about it? Head on over to our BlitzWolf support pages and you can find full information on all our stuff including downloadable user manuals.

Where can we get BlitzWolf gear?

All our gear is available on our official BlitzWolf Amazon page, here you will find our full range  at our latest pricing.

Where Can I download the BlitzWolf shutter app for my ultimate selfie stick.

Finding our app is easy, on your Smartphone jump onto the Apple AppStore or Android Play store and search for  “BlitzWolf Shutter”.

How can i know the package of products?

After careful packaging design , Blitzwolf has a variety of packaging fashionable chic , carrying convenience. View the package

How many times will a powerbank charge my device?

Our powerbanks state the capacity of the internal battery and do not reflect the actual output. Due to conversion loss and voltage changes the actual output of a 10,000mAh 3.7V powerbank is around 5920mAh at 5V. Based on this, you can reasonably expect a 10,000mAh powerbank to charge a 2000mAh smartphone almost 3 times completely.

Any unanswered questions? Email us now at [email protected].